Freemasonry:  Our Way of Life

One of the ancient Landmarks of Freemasonry is that it will not solicit new members.  A man seeking Masonic membership must do so of is own free will and accord.  Freemasonry does not permit its members to invite others to join because it believes that a man who becomes a Mason of his own personal desire is much more likely to become a strong and beneficial member.


Freemasonry is not a religion, nor is it a substitute for religion.  It provides no system of faith, offers no sacrament, and does not claim to lead to salvation.  Every member is free to follow the Faith or Denomination which best agree with his personal religious conviction and is encouraged to do so.


Masonry expects its members to conduct themselves in accordance with a strict moral code, and it believes the requirements of that moral code are in harmony with the teachings of any religion or with the beliefs of any good man.


Today Freemasonry is a Fraternal society whose members are linked together by a common moral uprightness and whose ethical principles are acceptable to all good men.  Its doors are open to all men who seek harmony with each other, who feel a desire for self-improvement and who wish to participate in the adventure of making this world a better place to live.


 Meet Us for During Third Saturdays of Odd-numbered Months
 (January, March, May, July, September, and November).

Only Freemasons Can Sit In A Tyled Lodge Meeting.

However, Join Us for Dinner.  Bring Your Family, Your Lady,
Your Grandkids/Kids, 
and Yes, Your Neighbors, too!

61th Stated Meeting

March 19 , 2016

2PM @ Delta-White Center Masonic Hall

Attire: Dark Suit/Tuxedo

​Grand Lodge Vision

Freemasons of Washington will be recognized as a relevant and respected Fraternity, committed to attracting and retaining all men of high quality who strive for self-improvement and the opportunity to make a positive difference in their community.

LuzViMinda Lodge No. 317, F & A M

Under the Jurisdiction of the MW Grand Lodge of F & AM of Washington

Founded 03/11/2006, ​Chartered 06/15/2007, Constituted 07/07/2007

Physical Address:

13034 41st Ave South, Tukwila, WA 98168

Early Dinner Always Succeeds Meeting ​Family, Kids/Grandkids, & Neighbors. We welcome everyone and experience the FIL-AM hospitality.

CRAB Feed Program

February 20, 2016

Venue: Delta-White Center Masonic Hall

13034 41st Ave. South

Tukwila, WA 98168

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The LVM Mission

LuzViMinda Lodge No. 317 is a fraternal organization of men who are trying to better themselves through Freemasonry. It is a fraternity of enthusiastic, innovative, and forward-thinking men - united in fellowship and service, dedicated to mutual self-improvement, and committed to making a positive difference within our communities.

Description of the Name

“LuzViMinda” is the acronym of the three major islands of the Philippine Republic - Luzon, Visayas  and Mindanao.  “LVM 317” is its shortened acronym.  Used as the name of this Masonic lodge, it is the geography that is being memorialized by its members.   Read on Lodge History.


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  We Meet 3rd Saturday of

Jan, Mar, May, Jul, Sept, & Nov

 Delta-White Center Masonic Hall
13034 41st Avenue South
Tukwilia, WA  98168

Our Suggested Dress Code:
Barong Tagalog?:     April-September
​Dark Suit/Tuxedo:       October-March


​(360) 435-0275