2017 - 2018 LODGE OFFICERS

   WB. PATRICK J. PERKINS                (360) 925-6394

    Worshipful Master (Pat, lady Elvee)

BRO. MICHAEL BEN N. SAPIDA         (562) 964-9339

​    Senior Warden (Mike, lady Sarunya)

WB JOSE A. STA. CRUZ                    (360) 435-0488

    Treasurer (Joe, lady Joy)
VWB ALDEN D. SARMIENTO              (360) 435-0275

    Secretary (Alden, lady Nora) 
WB MAR V. TAPAWAN                       (360) 633-7093

    Chaplain (Mar, lady Juliana)
WB VIRGILIO PRODIGALIDAD               (206) 730-7703

    Marshal (Virg, lady Aida)
BRO. CHRISTIAN AREGLO                (253) 753-4874

    Junior Warden (Chris, lady Mara)
BRO. EDUARDO P. HERRERA             (253) 278-4776

    Senior Deacon (Ed, lady Nel)

BRO. F. ALBERT R. GATAN                (425) 698-9054

    Junior Deacon (Albert, lady Janette)    
WB PABLO R. SANTOS                     (253) 872-3021

    Musician (Paul, lady Rose)
WB RUDY ARCEGA                        

    Tyler (Rudy)


It is the commitment of the Past Masters of Luzviminda to transfer the skills, knowledge, Masonic values and attitudes to the non-Past Masters and new members of this lodge.  The compasses open sixty degrees are in easy position to construct a square.  The Master has worn the square while he presided; now, as Past Master, he is supposed to being possession of the knowledge necessary to make a square, hence the position of the compasses and the quadrant. 

There are many geometric methods of erecting a square; the Past Master’s jewel hints at one of the simplest and most used methods as best to the Past Master to employ in instructing his successor.   The jewel is the compasses, opened to sixty degrees, the points on graduated arch.  Masonic compasses are opened to sixty degrees because this is the number of degrees in each of the three angles of an equilateral triangle, always the symbol of Deity.   Quoted from a Masonic Article..

Our Twin or Sister Lodges:

Hermanos Del Arte No. 314

   Brewster, Washington

   (MW GL of F & AM of Washington)

Beacon Lodge No. 213

   Davao City, Philippines
   (MW GL of F & AM of the Philippines)
Hawaiian Lodge

   Honolulu, Hawaii
   (MW GL of the State of Hawaii)
Hercules Lodge No. 17

   Seattle, Washington
   (MW Prince Hall GL of Wash & Jurisdiction

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            In Memoriam


 MWB John D. McNab, 1931-2009   

WB Jose D. Macaraeg, 1939-2010   

  WB Antonio C Hipolito, 1944-2011   

  RWB Jerry K. Lingle, 1954-2011  

  WB Merle W Claflin, 1931-2012  

  MWB Wayne I Smith, 1936-2012  

  MWB Kenneth S. Robinson, 1928-2013  

WB Norberto "Bert" Bautista, 1954-2014  

2006 photo of the Founding Members accompanied by VWB Steve L. Pennington, the then DDGM and MWB Kenneth S. Robinson, as the GM representative.  Not in photo is WB Jose D. Macareg.

LuzViMinda Lodge No. 317, F & A M

Under the Jurisdiction of the MW Grand Lodge of F & AM of Washington

Founded 03/11/2006, ​Chartered 06/15/2007, Constituted 07/07/2007